Luton 11 Plus Test Centre

11 Plus Mock Tests

The Luton South centre is now a mock test centre for the CEM 11 plus exams. Children applying to schools in Aylesbury will be sitting this exam but you have to register first.

  • 11+ CEM Registration closing date: Friday 30th June 2017 at 3 pm
  • 11+CEM Entrance exam preparation test: Tuesday 12th September 2017
  • 11+CEM Entrance exam test: Thursday 14th September 2017

Mock exams are very popular for both our own students and non-Kip students alike. They are held at the centre to give students a sense of the real exam and what it feels like writing exams. The more mock exams a student does, the better prepared they are for real exam. We strive to equip our students not only academically but also psychologically.

The mock exams reflect all the recent changes to the exams and give the students a good feel of the standard and expectation on the day. 11+ Preparation is more than just preparing your child for the exam. It is investing in them as people and set them on a journey, impacting the rest of their future.

  • Open to anyone who is starting year 5 or 6  in Sept 2017 and who would like to sit 11+ mock test papers in exam conditions.

  • The test papers have been specially written for the mocks to ensure your child will not have seen the paper prior to attending the session.

  • Subjects: Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics, English

Book Here for 11+ Mock Exams 2017

mock_tests.jpgAll 11 Plus Practice mock examinations have been written exclusively for us and include elements of maths, verbal reasoning, English and non-verbal reasoning. They have been designed in the CEM format and use similar timings to the 2017 real test.

After each mock test, parents will have access to view the question booklets for 14 days, giving an ideal opportunity for parents to review and discuss the content of the papers whilst it is still fresh in your child’s mind. We believe that by being completely open with the exact questions in our papers, parents have a unique insight into the level of difficulty of the tests and will therefore find the mocks an invaluable tool in highlighting any weaknesses.

Feedback from parents in previous years has always been that the mocks prepared the pupils extremely effectively for the rigours of the actual test.

The centre will be professionally set up for exam conditions with CRB/DBS checked adults invigilating every session.

If you have any questions please call 01582 402225 or email