What People Say

Student and parent feedback 

We’ve given you the answers, now it’s time to hear our glowing report from our lovely pupils and parents…

Here at Kip McGrath Luton South we love to teach, but it’s the feedback and results which really make it worthwhile. So hearing positive feedback and ‘glowing reports’ truly inspires us to keep delivering and improving every day. We want to thank every last one of our incredible parents and students for making Kip McGrath what it is today – we couldn’t have done it without you.

I’ll be honest with you.  I get verbal testimonials all the time, in fact daily from happy parents and children, but I don’t get the time to write them down and document them.  So as you read these testimonials and notice the dates, most of them are dated in the summer term.  That’s because summer term is quieter and I can find the time to ask parents to write something down for me.  I’ve chosen these testimonilas because they are specific and really show how Kip McGrath can make a difference.

This one for example is about a young boy who improved 2 levels in Maths and exceeded expectations at school.

This one shows what a difference just one lesson can make.

Or if you want to see how we can help your child with SATs, then this one speaks volumes.

It’s always difficult getting testimonilas from GCSE children as they wait to see what grade they get before telling everyone how good we are, and by then they are thinking about college.  However, I managed to get this one and this one.

We know that children are making progress, but when this progress is noticed by school teachers, it’s reassuring. This was a lovely testimonial I received from a a parent who’s daughter has always struggled at school.

“D’s teachers have noticed an improvement in all subjects at school.  Before starting at Kip McGrath, I remember he was unable to even write a few simple sentences, despite the fact that he was placed in the top group for reading at his school.  My son is now able to write confidently, in fact I rarely have to intervene when he does his homework as he can work independently.  Surprisingly, on his own accord, D wants to write now and he recently made a leaflet about Minecraft – just for fun! When he took it to school to show his teacher, she decided to keep it and may put it on display, because it was just that good.”   (July 2015)

“Last week after Andy’s first lesson he went home and did his homework straight away. He was so happy after the lesson too. I couldn’t believe it as he has never done that before. Another first was the message I received from his school teacher saying that his maths had “clicked”. Even his school teacher noticed. I’m so glad that he is now enjoying maths and have hope that he will improve with the help of Kip McGrath. ” Teo – Andy’s mum (May 2015)

Kauser Iqbal (mum of Alisha): “I recently attended my daughter’s parents evening, upon which I was told of the great improvement that my daughter has made. Her English teacher, who is known for his strict marking told me that my daughter has achieved a fantastic test result of 98%. As well as this, my daughter has to read a book weekly for her English lessons, after which she is tested on it. Her teacher informed me of her dramatic improvement, from an average score of 38% to 80%. I am thoroughly pleased with her achievements and would like to thank Kip McGrath for helping her to reach them.” (April 2015)

“Hi. Just thought I would share with you that Adil actually got a level 5 overall for English! When he first started with Kip McGrath, he was a boy who hated writing of any shape or form, and would avoid it at all costs.  Getting him to write a sentence was so hard.  You helped to fix this problem.  I think the one-to-one help he was given and the way you make it so simple really helped him.  Still can’t believe it to be honest, but goes to show that 3 years of attending Kip McGrath was well worth the money. “ Mrs Iqbal (July 2014)

Over the last 12 months, I have seen an improvement in the way Kyle has approached his English learning, this I believe has been influenced by the way Kip McGrath has taught him and shown him, how to learn to the best of his ability.

Kip McGrath has encouraged him, spoken to him in a way he can understand and take in the information, which is due to her calm and positive attitude.

I have been very pleased over the last 12 months and believe that Kip McGrath can offer many more students / pupils the help and guidance they need, through her dedication to teach.

Kind regards – Sabbi Bains’ (July 2014)

“My son has really improved a lot under the guidance of his teacher at Kip McGrath! He started to focus more and has been able to improve from a level 3a to 5a in 6 months.  The Kip McGrath system of teaching and the dedicated teaching staff have built up his confidence in Maths especially.  A special thanks to the teachers and Kip McGrath for organizing his studies in a phased manner.” Dr Preeti (May 2014)

“Both my children have been attending the Kip McGrath Luton South centre for a good few years now.  They have both excelled and are progressing well at school because of the quality of the teaching they are receiving at the centre.  I see the tutors working well with my children as I have requested follow up from their school’s curriculum.  Both my children are happy and have benefitted from attending the centre.”  (June 2013)

“Myself and my son Pranay have found the staff to be very helpful and respectful with all issues. They have also been continuously  supportive with homework and questions that are not understood. Pranay started one and half years ago and his confidence has grown as well as his grades in school. He’s moved up to the highest level groups for maths and english. I believe this is one of those times where we made the right decision to send him to Kip McGrath.”  (June 2013)

“Dr Samina Rashid helped my son Christopher with English & Maths at GCSE level in 2009; I can honestly say I am really impressed with her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching. Within a short period Christopher was able to improve in both topics achieving great results at the end of term. I can certainly recommend her work at Kip McGrath Education Centre.”  (September 2010)

“Samina is a dedicated professional who is passionate about drawing the best from her students, my daughter went to Samina and her team for a term and her results improved dramatically for both English and Maths. They use all sorts of methods to get the information across to the children and ensure they understand what they are doing before moving on to the next section.” (January 2010)

“It is really helpful for the children to improve their knowledge. children are helped according to their ability not their age, which help children to gain more confidence in their studies. I really like it. All the staff are friendly. My child loves it & wont like to miss a single lesson.”  (Mrs T March 2008)

“The enthusiasm for learning is outstanding. The staff really believe in the children and it shows in their learning, especially my child who did lack confidence.” (Ms C mother of E age 14 June 2008)

“The staff are so welcoming, friendly and helpful. My 7-year-old son has had   of problems with his learning over the past 3 years. This is something that I have approached his school about on numerous occasions, but have had no help from them. I decided to give Kip McGrath a try because they helped my eldest son many years ago. They took into account everything I told them. He is so much more confident, after only 7 weeks of being there has started to show improvement in his reading abilities.”  (Mrs C, mother R age 12 April 2009).

“My child really likes it. He has improved a lot in Maths and especially English. The service provided by Kip McGrath gives the children that additional help to their schooling which I feel was needed for my child. Excellent service.” (January 2008)

“Our daughter (8) has attended the Kip McGrath centre for some time; it has been a benefit for her writing skills and Mathematics in particular. Just two weeks back she was very confused and stressed (we even had some restless nights) over multiplying a fraction by a number – I forgot to mention this to the tutor, but on picking her up I was informed they had worked on this and we had smiles all around! Kip McGrath irons out the bumps in the education provided by schools and is far more successful than the one-on-one tutoring we tried in the past. Thanks Samina! (September 2007)

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