What We Teach

What can Kip McGrath do for your child?

Initially, we carry out a free educational assessment to establish the particular areas your child may be having difficulties with. The 40-60 minute consultation is very relaxed, no silences or test environments, your child is encouraged to relax and complete simple written and verbal comprehensions, as well as mathematics related questions.

Once the simple assessment is complete, we can talk to you as parents and establish a unique and individually planned learning programme to support your child’s progress and educational growth. 

From there, our kips will take the first steps to a positive and progressive future. Using computer activities, structured worksheets, workbooks and audio resources, our 80 minute tuition sessions have the technology and experienced teachers to provide a fun learning environment for your child.


Why do people recommend Kip McGrath Luton?

  • All our tutors are fully qualified and police checked. This gives parents the security of knowing that their child is in safe hands and that the person teaching them has been trained to differentiate their child’s specific needs and tailor their studies to accommodate their learning style.

  • We provide a FREE assessment that enables us to identify any strengths and weaknesses and develop a programme of study designed to target these areas and bring your child up to a level that allows them to be comfortable in their class or to achieve their academic goals. Assessment is ongoing and embedded in every single lesson.

  • We teach to the National Curriculum and use the same methods as schools. The reason most parents seek out additional help from a tutor is because their child is struggling with some aspect of their school work or they may need help to prepare for an exam. Our teaching and resources support the national curriculum and our trained, specialist teachers tailor tuition to your child’s specific needs to help them achieve the desired level in the classroom.

  • We are adaptable. We carefully plan each lesson based on our initial detailed assessment, the curriculum your child follows in school and the previous lesson. However, if there is something in particular that your child is struggling with at school or in their homework we are happy to adapt the plan to make sure that it is included.

  • We provide detailed feedback after every lesson. We believe that continual communication with you the parent is vital to the success of your child’s tuition. We do not hold termly parent interviews but discuss your child’s progress each week so that you know exactly what we are doing to help and what the next steps will be.

  • Our centre is professionally equipped with a wide range of resources developed by experts at Kip McGrath including worksheets, workbooks, the Kip McGrath Computer teaching software, multi sensory learning aids and a wide range of past papers.

Whether your child is approaching SATS or needs an extra boost to transform their GCSE predicted grade from a A to A*; our tuition can really unlock your child’s potential and show them new exciting ways to make education fun. 

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