How To Revise 4 – Read The Question

Before studying any topic you must have a copy of the course content or exam syllabus.  This will tell you exactly what you need to know and often it is put simply in bullet points called learning objectives.  However, do you know the difference between “recall” and “know”?  These words are used often in exam syllabi, and you must be able to tell the difference so that you know how to learn the topic.

So here are the top 10 words used in exam syllabi that you must know the meaning of:

1.  Comprehend – Describe in your own words, tell how you feel (interpreting and understanding) about it, what it means, explain, compare, relate.

2.  Apply – How can you use it, where does it lead, apply (applying, making use of) what you know, use it to solve problems, demonstrate.

3.  Analyse – What are the parts, the order, the reasons why, (taking apart, being critical) the causes/problems/solutions/consequences.

4.  Evaluate – How would you judge it, does it succeed, will it (judging and assessing) work, what would you prefer, why you think so.

5.  Recall – to remember, learn off by heart.

6.  Know – Say what you know, or remember, describe, (knowing and remembering) repeat, define, identify, tell who, when, which, where, what.

7.  Compare – to show the differences and similarities.

8.  Define – can you give the formal meaning, learn the definition word for word.

9.  Predict – How might it be different, how else, what if, (connecting, being creative) suppose, put together, develop, improve, create your own.

10.  Understand – Comprehending the meaning, translation, interpolation, and interpretation of instructions and problems. State a problem in one’s own words.

Make sure that children know these words so that they know why they are studying a topic.