Why Kip McGrath Works?

e I have been helping children become better learners through the power of Kip McGrath and it’s philosophy. Every child is different and every child needs a unique approach to learning.  We encourage children to work things out for themselves but in a way which doesn’t overwhelm them.  In every lesson your child will learn something new, or re-learn it but with the guidance of the teacher.  We teach like they do in school so as not to confuse children, and we know why a child is struggling.

Here are some other reasons why Kip McGrath works and how it is different to other forms of tuition.

We Only Employ Qualified Teachers

You won’t see university or college students teaching your child here. Not only are our teachers qualified, but they are experienced too.  The average age of our current teaching staff is 36 years, but if I include one of our summer school staff then it goes up to 41.  We have 6 teachers at the moment and they all have other jobs as well teaching at Kip McGrath.  All of them can teach at Primary level and then we have specialist teachers in English, Maths and 11 plus.  The average years of teaching experience my staff have is 18 years.

Some Statistics About Our Reading Programme

We have many children who come to us for help with reading.  The Kip McGrath reading programme has over 40 levels and we use this with children who are falling behind with their reading.  To date the biggest improvement in reading age that we have seen is 2 years and 6 months in just 1 term.  The reading programme doesn’t just teach a child to read, it helps with reading fluency and comprehension too.

We Don’t Sit Down During A Lesson

A good teacher rarely sits down during a lesson. In an average lesson a teacher can take up to 3750 steps.  This is because they are moving from one student to the next, marking work, explaining things, giving out the next piece of work or simply just teaching.  They have to see the students work, talk to them, encourage them and make sure they are doing it properly.  Anybody can give out worksheets, or follow a lesson plan, but only a teacher can teach.

How We Teach Maths

The way you and I learnt Maths at school is completely different to how it is taught now.  As a teacher, even I find it hard to keep up with all the new methods.  Also, every school has their own policy on how Maths should be taught.  So at Kip McGrath we make sure that your child is taught how they learn at school. The good news is that many schools host open evenings for parents to come in to the school and learn how to teach their child at home using the correct method. Take advantage of these classes if your child’s school offers them.

We have over 600 Maths worksheets to teach from, covering the topics outlined in the national curriculum.  Our Maths programme starts from very simple number recognition activities suitable for age 4 and goes all the way up to beyond GCSE.  We use worksheets in conjunction with our Maths computer programmes and Maths books.  Our Maths programme on it’s own is not enough.  In conjunction with this we always use past papers for pupils in year 6 and year 11 and we teach children how to revise maths.

The Times tables Competition!!!

Our most popular programme is the “Timed tables” programme.  It’s simple.  All you have to do is get as many correct in 30 seconds and our most competitive kids like to challenge each other.  Kip McGrath run a worldwide Times tables challenge too where children from centres all over the world compete with each other.

Who Comes To Kip McGrath?

Since we started in 2004 we have noticed an evolution in the profile of the students who attend.  We have more 4 year olds coming and our Get Ready For School and Little Learners programmes are ideal for meeting their needs.  There are growing numbers of children preparing for the 11 plus, a particularly specialised area that we have expertise in.  Student attendance is more long-term now with the average student attending for 2 years.  A typical student is average or above average in ability, and needs that extra push but we also have students who are having difficulties and need professional tuition to help them.

Successful Spellings

Does your child get full marks in weekly spelling tests but makes mistakes on simple words when writing?  Our spelling programme teaches spellings in a way which will help your child.  We have over 100 spelling worksheets which we use to help children learn spelling of new words, learn spelling rules and to learn how to use the words in their writing.  Our spelling programme covers phonics too, which ties in nicely with the national curriculum.

Mr Kip McGrath Lives Upstairs

When I started Kip McGrath, many parents and children thought that I was Kip and that I lived at the centre.  I used to tell the kids that Mr Kip McGrath looked like Father Christmas and he lived upstairs but only came downstairs when someone was naughty.  So many of them believed me.

Our Photocopier is Called Marley!!!

We ran out of space within 2 years of opening and luckily found a premises twice the size just next door.  Our centre has 4 teaching areas, a reception area, 2 toilets and a small kitchen.  We also have 3 photocopiers – all of them have nicknames and my favourite is called “Marley” because he’s always “Jamming” – get it?

Click here to see a short video of our centre.

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