Teaching Children Using Infographics

Infographics are colourful, visual posters designed to inform but in a stimulating and engaging way and I love them.  I would prefer to read an infographic rather than pages and pages of text, and I am more likely to remember the information because it will be eye-catching, dramatic and detailed.  So for this reason alone, I think they are wonderful to use to help children read more carefully, to extract important information and to think about the purpose of a text.

The problem is that a lot of them can be quite complicated.  So here is a collection of some of the simplest infographics I have used to teach children.


Infographics may contain graphs and charts, flow charts, diagrams, photographs, timelines, maps, tables and blocks of text and lots of information so they are ideal to use as a tool to engage children into learning about the topic or to read and interpret it.

Type 1 – Infographics Showing Instructions and How To’s

This one on the simple game of “Rock, paper Scissors” is perfect for getting children to think about how to write effective instructions.  Suggested activities

1.  Write your own set of instructions for the game

2.  Outline the layout features in the infographic like diagrams, headings, sub-headings and numbering and comment on how they are effective.rock paper scissors

Type 2 – To show statistics, facts and figures

There are hundreds of this type but I love the “If there were 100 people” in the world for it’s simplicity and clarity.  The “International number 1’s” had some children engrossed for a good half hour.  Suggested activities:

1.  If you were one of those 100 people, what would your statistics be?

2.  If you could be number 1 in the world at something, what would it be?

If the World Were 100 People

by KVSStudio.
Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

1276_international_number_onesTaken from this website.

Type 3 – to re-educate and eradicate myths and misunderstandings

This type of infographic could be used to get children to recall simple facts from.


Taken from this website.

And finally…..

Type 4 – a bit of fun

How Much You Can Trust a Bearded Man?

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

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