10 Questions To Ask At Parent’s Evening

Parent’s evenings are coming soon…….time to prepare to see the teacher….

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Most schools have parents evening twice a year.   One at the beginning of the academic year (October) when the teacher is just getting to know your child and one at the end (July) when it is often too late to address any concerns.  So it is important that you go well prepared.  I always go with a pen and paper so that I can jot down notes and inevitably lose the notes!  So now, if it’s a lot to write down, then I ask the teacher to email me a set of targets for my child.  It should be easy to do for the teacher and I always go back to those notes to refresh my memory.  This way we work together and at the end of the year/term I can review the progress made myself.

You don’t have to ask all 10 questions, just pick the ones relevant to…

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By Kip McGrath Luton South Posted in Education

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