Your Game is Loading……

“Your game is loading….” These were the first words my three year old learnt to read.  It’s because he became obsessed with the free games you could get on “Sky TV” and recognised the words before he knew his alphabet. 

My 5 year old niece can read “B&Q”, “TESCO” and “Disneyland”, yet she can’t read the word “the” yet.  She sings the alphabet song beautifully, but can’t recognise all of the letters yet. “B&Q” is bright orange, it’s in your face and you can’t miss it and I know that she has no interest in DIY whatsoever.  “TESCO” is everywhere, on TV, on billboards, in magazines and newspapers and on the internet.  She is the target audience for “Disneyland” , so it doesn’t surprise me that she can recognise it.

The point I am trying to make is that children pick up a lot from their sensory memory, which is what they see, hear and do and through repetition. I know that if I wanted to make my niece learn to read and write the word “the” I could make dozens of flash cards with this word and stick them all over the house.  I could make them in different colours and decorate them with cartoons of her favourite TV characters so that she notices the pictures and then subconsciously sees the word as well.  It’s all about familiarity.

The other point is that children are more likely to learn if it is enjoyable.  Making learning fun is the key to success.  It also has to be targeted at the right level.  Too hard and she’ll lose interest and get frustrated and too easy and she’ll get bored. 

So learn from the marketing guru’s who advertise their products heavily and use their techniques to help your child to learn.

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