Investing in Your Child Will Reep Rewards….

Many of us think that exams are everything and that the only way of measuring success is to look at improvement in test results.  I cant deny the importance of exams and they do show what a pupil has learnt, but I want to share a story with you which may change your mindset.

I have been teaching a 6 year old boy called Ali for about 9 months.  He is a bright boy and learns quickly but he hasn’t shown significant improvements in test results.  He lacks confidence and test performance often depends on his mood.  At school he is easily distracted and is under-achieving.

Last term his mother was invited to the end of year school play in which he was performing, but he kept his part in the play a secret.  The 30 minute play was narrated by this little boy, who had been labelled as “the naughty one” in years past.  He had memorised the whole script and kept it a secret from his mother to surprise her.  His teacher had chosen him because she had noticed an improvement in his behaviour and attitude in class.  He was also the best reader in the class.

His mother truely believes that he would never had done this if he hadn’t been tutored to give him the confidence that he needed.  She felt guilty that she was pushing him too much yet she knew that he would benefit from it.


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