When Kids Don’t Listen…..

As a teacher of more than 16 years standing, I have had to learn how to engage kids in order to get them to respond to what I am teaching them. Parents often use the same techniques to communicate with their children. Some of these techniques are:

1. Try not to communicate with your children from afar. Don’t shout instructions  from the kitchen while the children are in their bedroom. Speak in a calm and gentle voice.

2. Walk up to the child and make eye contact before giving a command. Some children need an arm around the shoulder before they respond.

3. Ask them to repeat instructions back to you. This will tell you if they have understood your instructions. It will also reinforce their learning.

4. Say please and thank you. This will make the child respond more politely.

5. Use a reward system to motivate the child. For younger children this could be stickers and stars. For older children this could be gifts like mobile phone credits etc.

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