3 Easy Ways To help With Homework

As we get closer to yet another school year, we start to think about how our children will do at school. Worried parents frantically start looking through the classifieds in their local newspapers for tutors. Six weeks of inactivity has resulted in your little angels forgetting some of the stuff they learned at school. So how do you ensure a trouble free school year, with good results and more improvement. Here are some useful tips for study and homework:

1. Take an interest

Take an active interest in your childs homework. encourage them to take resposibilty for their work. As tempting as it seems, do not do work for them, rather, point them in the right direction and allow them to work things out for themselves.

2. Time and Place

Setting the right environment for study is vitally important. There should be no distractions like TV, computers and laptops, games consoles etc. The kitchen table or library might not seem very comfortable but for learning they provide a place away from the above distractions, and are infinitely better than lounging on a sofa. Also there is little point in trying do the work late in the evening. The childs brain is likely to still be in a learning mode earlier on in the evening, than later at night.

3. Organise

Ensure that once a suitable place has been found, everything for the study is also in place. Do not waste time on looking for pens, pencils, erasers etc. Keep a supply of all these available to avoid time wasting.


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