Could I give up teaching for a year?

If I had to give up work for a year, could I do it?  Well, my work as a teacher never stops, and I see it as a part of my everyday life.  I teach my son all the time without realising it and not like the average mother would.  I will make any fun or new experience into a learning opportunity.  Today writing a thank you card to his teacher turned out to be a lesson on letter writing and giving him spending money for the tuck shop became a maths lesson. 

It stems from my obsession with explaining things in the simplest possible way and my annoyance when I see someone else get it wrong.  Take today for example, I had an appointment at the hairdresser’s and I ended up teaching her how to use Linkedin as a business tool.  But I don’t see it as teaching because it’s really knowledge sharing.  Isn’t that what teachers do?

But you know if I did have to give up my job for a year, I would still end up teaching someone somewhere without realising it.  And if I don’t get the opportunity to do that, then I’ll probably end up blogging and teaching all the people who read my blogs.

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