I never believed this was possible- but I do now.

I never thought that a student could improve their reading age by 2 years after just 14 weeks of tuition.  And I didn’t discover this until I started teaching at Kip McGrath. 

The reading scheme we use is the best in the world in my opinion, and without telling you the trade secrets, here is how it works:

  1. teaching the child how to break down a word into sound groups (phonemes)
  2. drilling words over and over again
  3. drilling high frequency sight words to improve visual recognition of words.  A sight word is to be recognised without being broken down into syllables and phonemes. For example the word “the” is a sight word because it cannot be “sounded out” as “t”, “huh” and “eh” and put together again.
  4. understanding what the sight words mean and using them in sentences.

I believe that if parents and teachers stick to the above 4 techniques when teaching reading, then progress will be much quicker.

3 comments on “I never believed this was possible- but I do now.

    • Hi, I have been running my centres for 6 years now and came acroos Kip on the internet. I went to see some centres in action, loved the concept (it’s real teaching,not crowd control) and have never regretted it since.

      • Sounds fantastic! Did you have to invest in the centre itself? I private tutor at the moment, got a few tutees, and absolutely love it! I can’t imagine how fab it would be to do it full time!

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