Why I love my job.

My job = teacher.  How can i not love this job.  But it’s not just a job its an obsession and the more I do it, the more it becomes a part of me.  If you had to separate my personality from my job, then hand on heart I don’t think there would be much personality left.

I love teaching because it makes me feel good to know that I am making a difference.  I love teaching because every lesson is different and has its own challenges.  I love teaching because I can share my knowledge.  I love teaching because I learn from my students as much as they learn from me.

Any one can teach, but not everyone can teach well,

On this point I shall dwell

Because its important to know that teaching has its ups and downs

We have to cater for the sensible ones and the clowns

And that is why I love to teach

Because then I know that my efforts are not wasted.



One comment on “Why I love my job.

  1. What I have observed is that the difficult part of teaching is the parents…not the children…I am assuming you are not teaching college in that case…then change parents to administrators. 😉

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